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Want to start growing your business and have a leg up on most of your competitors?
Do you want to add another potential stream of revenue and traffic for your business?

Want to have a place where you can communicate with your community, allow more people to spend money with you, and drive more business whenever and wherever you desire?

Have you been wanting to start leveraging social media for your business, but you just don't know where to start and/or feel overwhelmed whenever you try?

Or are you currently using Social Media, but deep-down know that you could be using it better?

If so, then you're in the perfect place,
because this 14-Day challenge is just for you!
My name is Alex Maunu,
and I want to personal invite you to join my 14-Day Challenge!

If you said yes to any of the questions above, then I think I might know some stuff about you...

You want to grow your business and generate more sales.

You want to have your business be heard, let more people know that you exist, and have a place where you can connect with your community to promote your business!

You also know that you need to be taking better advantage of social media, but you just don't know where to start, and/or you feel overwhelmed whenever you try! 

Or you're already using social media, but you want to be using it more effectively than you are now!
Most business owners feel overwhelmed, confused, and don't know where to start when it comes to leveraging social media!
That is exactly why I created this simple challenge for you!
Here's the reality:
Facebook™ has been one of the hottest platforms to be growing your business since 2007.

With over 1.5 Billion daily active users, we have the ability to reach our target customers more massively, and effectively than ever before in human/marketing history!

We're currently given the opportunity to communicate directly with our potential/current customers in a personal-way that creates more Traffic, Brand Awareness and Revenue for our businesses!

Now, most business owners know that they need to be on social media, 
and that they need to be using it to increase their sales.

However, all business owners fall into 1 of 3-categories of when it comes to social media: 

1.) Business owners that flat out, don't use it.

2.) Business owners that are attempting to use it, 
but know it could be working better and/or know things are missing.

3.) Business owners using it, and are doing it successfully.

Using Facebook, I've been personally able to generate 10's of thousands of dollars in a single afternoon, and generate 100's to 1,000's of fresh leads on a monthly basis, just by leveraging strategic Facebook™ marketing methods for my clients.

After several years of helping business owners generate more revenue, I've learned exactly what it takes to get the business owners in categories 1 & 2, to number 3, and that is exactly why I created this 14-day challenge! 

It's also taken me a very long time to figure this out and get it right... 

I've spent 100's (Probably 1,000's) of hours on countless training's, seminars, and meeting some of the TOP Facebook™ marketers in the world & learning under-them, and now I wan't to help you...

I want to take you by the hand, and walk you (Or your social media person) through the steps it takes to get a proper Facebook™ page setup and how to properly use it, so that you can start growing your business & start growing your revenue even faster!
Do you want to skip the confusing learning process?
Want to take things to the next level and really start making a bigger impact on your business & income?

Want to start taking better advantage of social media for your business,
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Want to have your Facebook™ Business Page properly setup, have it start generating potential sales, and start growing your brand-awareness In less than 2-weeks? 

Well, that’s exactly what this challenge is designed to do for you!

*And if you're that busy, then just hand this training 
off to your Social Media person and let them be your secret weapon!*
Here's How It'll Work:
Over the next 14-Days, you'll receive 1-new video from me, everyday, with various links and resources to help you easily implement each step!

At the end of 14-days, I will have all the videos transcribed and delivered to you in a PDF form, so that you can have the training in a readable format as well!
Are you ready to start potentially growing your business and your revenue using Facebook, Without having to spend thousands of dollars hiring an agency?
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Here's What You're Going To Get:
The Social Boost - 14-Day Challenge:
You will be given access to a Private Members Area, where I will be uploading 1-new video every day for the next 2-weeks, that will be teaching you how to properly setup and use your new Facebook™ page!
5-Page Quick Start Guide:
You will receive a free Quick-Start Guide that is going to get you well prepared, give you some tips to stay on track, and insure that you have the proper things in-place before starting the challenge!
Exclusive Access To Our Private FB Group:
You will be given access to our Private Facebook™ Group, where you can connect with other entrepreneurs going through the challenge, share tips & tricks, and ask/answer questions! *Program announcements will be posted in the group* 
Transcripts Of All 14-Videos:
After the 14-days are over, I will have every video transcribed, and have them sent over to you so you can have the training in readable format for on the go, or if you just prefer to read.
2-Page Marketing Cheatsheet:
As an added bonus, you will also receive a free 2-Page Marketing Cheat sheet, where you will discover 9 Different ways to grow your revenue, without having to spend more money on advertising!
Your price TODAY: Only $47!
Backed By my 30-Day Guarantee!
If for any reason you are unsatisfied and you would like a refund, simply send me an email within 30-Days of purchase, and I will completely refund your investment. 100% Guaranteed!
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